gaudy as a butterfly
   graceful as a swan
   gabble away
   gabble off
   gabble on
   gabble out
   gad about
   gad around
   gain by
   gain from
   gain in
   gain on
   gain over
   gain upon
   gallivant about
   gallivant around
   gallivant off
   gallop through
   galvanize into
   gamble away
   gamble on
   game away
   gang up
   gape at
   garner in
   garner up
   garnish with
   gas up
   gasp at
   gasp for
   gasp out
   gather from
   gather in
   gather oneself together
   gather round
   gather to
   gather together
   gather up
   gather up the threads
   gawk at
   gaze around
   gaze at
   gaze on
   gaze out
   gaze round
   gaze upon
   gear down
   gear to
   gear up
   gee up
   gen up
   generalize about
   generalize from
   get out of line
   get a move on
   get a rise out of one
   get about
   get above oneself
   get abreast of
   get abroad
   get across
   get after
   get ahead
   get ahead of
   get all dolled up
   get along
   get along with
   get anywhere
   get around
   get at
   get away
   get away from
   get away with
   get back
   get back to
   get behind
   get below
   get between
   get beyond
   get from
   get by with
   get by
   get t by
   get cracking
   get down
   get down to
   get down to a fine art
   get down to brass tacks
   get drunk
   get even
   get even with
   get for
   get free
   get going
   get hip to
   get home
   get home to
   get hot
   get in on
   get in touch with
   get in with
   get in
   get inside
   get into
   get into a fix
   get into a flap
   get into a huff
   get into a rut
   get into deep water
   get into hot water
   get into one's head
   get into one's hooks
   get into one's stride
   get into shape
   get into someone's bad books
   get into the hang of
   get into the swing of things
   get into the way of
   get it
   get together
   get left
   get loose
   get lost
   get mad
   get moving
   get near
   get near to
   get nowhere
   get of
   get off with
   get off
   get on for
   get on one's nerves
   get on with
   get on
   get one's knife into
   get one's shit together
   get one's teeth into
   get onto
   get out
   get out from under
   get out of
   get out of one's mind
   get over
   get past
   get right
   get round to
   get round
   get someone into trouble
   get somewhere
   get started
   get the best of both worlds
   get the better of
   get there
   get through to
   get through with
   get through
   get to
   get to another person
   get under
   get up
   get up against
   get up to
   get up with
   get weaving
   get well
   get wise to
   get with
   get within
   get wrong
   gibe at
   giddy up
   giggle at
   giggle over
   ginger up
   gird for
   gird on
   gird up
   girdle about
   girdle around
   girdle round
   give another person a piece of the cake
   give away
   give back
   give best
   give for
   give forth
   give in
   give in to
   give it hot
   give of
   give of one's best
   give off
   give on
   give one a break
   give onto
   give out
   give over
   give over to
   give round
   give someone a ring
   give to
   give under
   give up
   give up to
   give upon
   glam up
   glance at
   glance back
   glance down
   glance off
   glance over
   glance round
   glance through
   glare at
   glare down
   glass in
   glass over
   glaze in
   glaze over
   gleam with
   glean from
   glisten with
   glitter over
   glitter with
   gloat over
   glom onto
   glory in
   gloss over
   glow with
   glower at
   glue down
   glue on
   glue to
   glue together
   glue with
   glut with
   gnaw on
   gnaw at
   gnaw away
   go out
   go a long way towards
   go aboard
   go about
   go above
   go abroard
   go across to
   go across
   go adrift
   go after
   go against
   go aground
   go ahead
   go ahead with
   go along
   go along with
   go amiss
   go amok
   go amuck
   go ape
   go around
   go as
   go ashore
   go aside
   go astray
   go at
   go away
   go away with
   go back
   go back to
   go back on
   go bad
   go badly
   go bankrupt
   go before
   go begging
   go behind
   go below
   go berserk
   go between
   go beyond
   go blank
   go broke
   go bust
   go by
   go down to
   go down with
   go down
   go dry
   go Dutch
   go easy
   go far
   go far towards
   go farther
   go for
   go forth
   go forward
   go from
   go further
   go haywire
   go home
   go ill with
   go in for
   go in with
   go in
   go into
   go it
   go it alone
   go mad
   go native
   go near
   go near to
   go off into
   go off the deep end
   go off with
   go off
   go on at
   go on for
   go on to
   go on with
   go on with you
   go on
   go out of
   go out of action
   go out of business
   go out of date
   go out of earshot
   go out of fashion
   go out of focus
   go out of one's death
   go out of one's way
   go out of sight
   go out of someone's mind
   go out on a limb
   go out on a spree
   go out to
   go out to work
   go out with
   go over someone's head
   go over the top
   go over the wall
   go over to
   go over
   go overboard
   go overboard about
   go overboard for
   go past
   go past a joke
   go past caring
   go past endurance
   go phut
   go pubilc
   go right
   go round the bend
   go round
   go scot-free
   go short
   go sick
   go slow
   go some
   go steady
   go straight
   go strong
   go through
   go through the mill
   go through the motions
   go through the proper channels
   go through the roof
   go through with
   go to
   go to ruin
   go to bed
   go to bits
   go to blazes
   go to earth
   go to extreme
   go to glory come
   go to great lengths
   go to great pains
   go to ground
   go to Hades
   go to hell
   go to it
   go to Jericho
   go to kingdom come
   go to law
   go to pieces
   go to pot
   go to press
   go to sea
   go to seed
   go to someone's head
   go to the bad
   go to the block
   go to the country
   go to the devil!
   go to the dogs
   go to the expense of
   go to the heart of
   go to the other extreme
   go to the polls
   go to the wall
   go to town
   go to trial
   go to waste
   go to work on
   go together
   go towards
   go under the hammer
   go under the knife
   go under
   go unheard
   go up in the air
   go up in the world
   go up to
   go up
   go upon
   go well
   go well with
   go west
   go with
   go without saying
   go without
   go wrong
   goad into
   goad on
   gobble down
   gobble up
   goggle at
   gone on
   goof around
   goof off
   goof up
   goose up
   gore to death
   gorge on
   gorge with
   gossip about
   gossip of
   gouge out
   grab at
   grab at a straw
   grab away
   grab for
   grab onto
   grace with
   grade down
   grade up
   graduate from
   graduate in
   graduate with
   graft in
   graft on
   graft upon
   grant to
   graph out
   grapple with
   grasp at
   grass on
   grate on
   grate on someone's ears
   grate on someone's nerves
   gravitate to
   gravitate towards
   graze on
   greet with
   grieve for
   grieve over
   grin at
   grin from ear to ear
   grind away
   grind away at
   grind down
   grind in
   grind into
   grind on
   grind out
   grind to
   grind to a halt
   grind together
   grind under
   grind up
   gripe about
   gripe at
   groan with
   groom for
   grope about
   grope after
   grope around
   grope for
   gross up
   ground in
   ground on
   group about
   group around
   group round
   group together
   group under
   grouse about
   grouse at
   grovel before
   grovel in
   grovel to
   grow apace
   grow apart
   grow away from
   grow back
   grow down
   grow from
   grow in
   grow into
   grow on
   grow out
   grow out of
   grow over
   grow together
   grow up
   grow upon
   growl out
   grub about
   grub around
   grub up
   grumble about
   grumble at
   grumble over
   guarantee against
   guarantee for
   guard against
   guard from
   guess at
   gull into
   gull out of
   gulp back
   gulp down
   gum down
   gum on
   gum up
   gun down
   gun for
   gush forth
   gush from
   gush out
   gush over
   gush with
   gussy up
   guzzle down
   galley slave
   gallows humor
   gambling den
   game bird
   game fish
   game fowl
   game show
   gamma ray
   gang warfare
   garage sale
   garden house
   gas chamber
   gas fitter
   gas lamp
   gas main
   gas mask
   gas meter
   gas pipe
   gas station
   gas stove
   gastric juice
   gastric ulcer
   gee whiz
   Geiger counter
   gender gap
   general practitioner
   general strike
   generation gap
   genetic engineering
   gentian violet
   gentle sex
   gentleman's agreement
   geographical mile
   geological evidence
   geometric progression
   germ cell
   German measles
   German silver
   ghost story
   ghost town
   ghost word
   giant panda
   gimlet eye
   gin rummy
   ginger ale
   ginger group
   Girl Guide
   girl school
   giro cheque
   given name
   glacial period
   glad hand
   Gladstone bag
   glass blowing
   glass tube
   glass wool
   glazed ware
   global warming
   glory days
   glottal stop
   glove puppet
   glutinous rice
   goal kick
   goal line
   goat pepper
   god of love
   god of war
   go-go dancer
   gold bug
   gold digger
   gold dust
   gold foil
   gold leaf
   gold medal
   gold mine
   gold ornament
   gold plate
   gold rush
   gold silk
   gold thread
   golden age
   golden ager
   golden anniversary
   golden jubilee
   golden mean
   golden oldie
   golden rule
   golden wedding
   golf course
   gonzo journalism
   good afternoon
   Good Book
   good day
   good evening
   Good Friday
   good humor
   good looking
   good looks
   good luck
   good morning
   good nature
   good night
   Good Samaritan
   good sense
   good turn
   goods train
   goose pimples
   gospel music
   gospel truth
   gossip column
   gossip columnist
   government bond
   government funds
   Government House
   government official
   government organization
   government party
   government scholarship
   grade point average
   grade school
   graduate school
   grammar school
   grammatical construction
   Grand Canyon
   grand dame
   grand duke
   grand jury
   grand mal
   grand meeting
   grand opera
   Grand Palace
   grand piano
   Grand Prix
   grand slam
   grand tour
   grandfather clock
   granulated sugar
   graph paper
   graphic arts
   grass court
   grass roots
   grass snake
   grass widow
   grass widower
   graven image
   graveyard shift
   Great Britain
   Great Dane
   Great power
   Great Wall of China
   Great War
   green bean
   green card
   green fingers
   green light
   green salad
   green snake
   green tea
   green vegetable
   greenhouse effect
   greenhouse gas
   Greenwich mean time
   Greenwich time
   greeting card
   Grenadier Guards
   grievance man
   grizzly bear
   Gross National Product
   gross ton
   ground crew
   ground glass
   ground rule
   ground staff
   ground wire
   growing season
   guarantee fund
   guard dog
   guard rail
   guardian angel
   guest room
   guest worker
   guide book
   guide dog
   guide word
   guided missile
   guinea fowl
   Guinea pepper
   guinea pig
   Gulf Stream
   gum benzoin
   gum resin
   gum tree
   gun barrel
   gutter ditch
   gym shoe
   game at which two can play
   generous to a fault
   get a big hand for
   get a big send-off
   get a black eye
   get a bright idea
   get a check-up
   get a clean bill of health
   get a good run for one's money
   get a hand with
   get a head start
   get a licking
   get a load of
   get a lucky break
   get a lump in one's throat
   get a pat on the back
   get a raw deal
   get a red face
   get a reputaiton
   get a reputation
   get a rough idea
   get a slap on the wrist
   get a start
   get a swelled head
   get a tongue-lashing
   get a word in
   get butterflies in one's stomach
   get one's foot in the door
   get the heave ho
   get the axe
   get the ball rolling
   get the benefit of the doubt
   get the best of
   get the blues
   get the boot
   get the brush-off
   get the cold shoulder
   get the creeps
   get the edge on
   get the feel of
   get the final word
   get the go-ahead
   get the go-by
   get the green light
   get the hard sell
   get the last laugh
   get the last word
   get the low-down
   get the message
   get the once-over
   get the picture
   get the red carpet treatment
   get the runaround
   get the sack
   get the shock of one's life
   get the short end of the stick
   get the show on the road
   get the slip
   get the third degree
   get the upper hand
   get the willies
   get the works
   get the worst of
   get under-way
   get what for
   get what is coming to one
   get wind of
   ghost of a chance
   gild the lily
   gird one's loins
   give someone the sack
   go cold turkey
   go hand in hand
   go places
   go sky-high
   go so far as to say
   go the distance
   go the whold hog
   go to Davy Jones's locker
   goes without saying
   good and something
   good enough for
   good riddance
   Greek to me
   grey area
   grey matter
   grin and bear it
   get a can on
   Get lost!
   get thesack
   giggle goo
   Gimme a break
   girlie magazine
   girlie show
   glad rags
   go all the way
   go bananas
   Go chase yourself
   Go climb a tree
   Go fly a kite
   Go for it
   go home to mama
   go mental
   Go soak your head
   go south
   go the limit
   Go to your room
   God's acre
   golden opportunity
   gone under
   Good call!
   Good deal!
   Good heavens
   good Joe
   good-time it
   goo-goo eyes
   goon squad
   goose egg
   grapes of wrath
   grease monkey
   great divide
   grody to the max
   gagging for it
   Gary Glitter
   gee gees
   get the nod
   ginger beer
   gipsies piss
   go down a treat
   go into one
   go off on one
   gone down a treat
   gone for a Burton
   got off with
   got the nod
   Gregory Peck
   grumble and grunt
   gypsys kiss


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G [N] ѭѧɵǷ 7

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Top 50 Universities

Rank School Name Country
1 HARVARD University United States
2= YALE University United States
2= University of OXFORD United Kingdom
2= University of CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom
5 Imperial College LONDON United Kingdom
6 PRINCETON University United States
7= CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Calt... United States
7= University of CHICAGO United States
9 UCL (University College LONDON) United Kingdom
10 MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (M... United States
11 COLUMBIA University United States
12 MCGILL University Canada
13 DUKE University United States
14 University of PENNSYLVANIA United States
15 JOHNS HOPKINS University United States
16 AUSTRALIAN National University Australia
17 University of TOKYO Japan
18 University of HONG KONG Hong Kong
19 STANFORD University United States
20= CORNELL University United States
20= CARNEGIE MELLON University United States
22 University of California, BERKELEY United States
23 University of EDINBURGH United Kingdom
24 King's College LONDON United Kingdom
25 KYOTO University Japan
26 ?cole Normale Sup?rieure, PARIS France
27 University of MELBOURNE Australia
29 NORTHWESTERN University United States
30 University of MANCHESTER United Kingdom
31 The University of SYDNEY Australia
32 BROWN University United States
33= University of QUEENSLAND Australia
33= University of BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada
33= National University of SINGAPORE Singapore
36 PEKING University China
37 University of BRISTOL United Kingdom
38= University of MICHIGAN United States
38= The CHINESE University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
40 TSINGHUA University China
41 University of CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles (U... United States
42 ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of T... Switzerland
43 MONASH University Australia
44 University of NEW SOUTH WALES Australia
45 University of TORONTO Canada
46 OSAKA University Japan
47 BOSTON University United States
48 University of AMSTERDAM Netherlands
49 NEW YORK University (NYU) United States
50 The University of AUCKLAND New Zealand

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