get out of line
   get a move on
   get a rise out of one
   get about
   get above oneself
   get abreast of
   get abroad
   get across
   get after
   get ahead
   get ahead of
   get all dolled up
   get along
   get along with
   get anywhere
   get around
   get at
   get away
   get away from
   get away with
   get back
   get back to
   get behind
   get below
   get between
   get beyond
   get from
   get by with
   get by
   get t by
   get cracking
   get down
   get down to
   get down to a fine art
   get down to brass tacks
   get drunk
   get even
   get even with
   get for
   get free
   get going
   get hip to
   get home
   get home to
   get hot
   get in on
   get in touch with
   get in with
   get in
   get inside
   get into
   get into a fix
   get into a flap
   get into a huff
   get into a rut
   get into deep water
   get into hot water
   get into one's head
   get into one's hooks
   get into one's stride
   get into shape
   get into someone's bad books
   get into the hang of
   get into the swing of things
   get into the way of
   get it
   get together
   get left
   get loose
   get lost
   get mad
   get moving
   get near
   get near to
   get nowhere
   get of
   get off with
   get off
   get on for
   get on one's nerves
   get on with
   get on
   get one's knife into
   get one's shit together
   get one's teeth into
   get onto
   get out
   get out from under
   get out of
   get out of one's mind
   get over
   get past
   get right
   get round to
   get round
   get someone into trouble
   get somewhere
   get started
   get the best of both worlds
   get the better of
   get there
   get through to
   get through with
   get through
   get to
   get to another person
   get under
   get up
   get up against
   get up to
   get up with
   get weaving
   get well
   get wise to
   get with
   get within
   get wrong
   get a big hand for
   get a big send-off
   get a black eye
   get a bright idea
   get a check-up
   get a clean bill of health
   get a good run for one's money
   get a hand with
   get a head start
   get a licking
   get a load of
   get a lucky break
   get a lump in one's throat
   get a pat on the back
   get a raw deal
   get a red face
   get a reputaiton
   get a reputation
   get a rough idea
   get a slap on the wrist
   get a start
   get a swelled head
   get a tongue-lashing
   get a word in
   get butterflies in one's stomach
   get one's foot in the door
   get the heave ho
   get the axe
   get the ball rolling
   get the benefit of the doubt
   get the best of
   get the blues
   get the boot
   get the brush-off
   get the cold shoulder
   get the creeps
   get the edge on
   get the feel of
   get the final word
   get the go-ahead
   get the go-by
   get the green light
   get the hard sell
   get the last laugh
   get the last word
   get the low-down
   get the message
   get the once-over
   get the picture
   get the red carpet treatment
   get the runaround
   get the sack
   get the shock of one's life
   get the short end of the stick
   get the show on the road
   get the slip
   get the third degree
   get the upper hand
   get the willies
   get the works
   get the worst of
   get under-way
   get what for
   get what is coming to one
   get wind of
   get a can on
   Get lost!
   get thesack
   get the nod


get [VT]
Syn. gain; procure
Related. Ѻ, Ѻ
get [VT] ԷԾŵ
Syn. arouse; stimulate
Related. ռŵ, е, ѡ٧
get [VI] ԭ
Syn. grow
Related. Ѳ
get [VI]
Syn. comprehend
get [VI] Ҷ֧
Syn. come to; reach
Related. 件֧,
get [VT]
Syn. gratify

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Top 50 Universities

Rank School Name Country
1 HARVARD University United States
2= YALE University United States
2= University of OXFORD United Kingdom
2= University of CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom
5 Imperial College LONDON United Kingdom
6 PRINCETON University United States
7= CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Calt... United States
7= University of CHICAGO United States
9 UCL (University College LONDON) United Kingdom
10 MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (M... United States
11 COLUMBIA University United States
12 MCGILL University Canada
13 DUKE University United States
14 University of PENNSYLVANIA United States
15 JOHNS HOPKINS University United States
16 AUSTRALIAN National University Australia
17 University of TOKYO Japan
18 University of HONG KONG Hong Kong
19 STANFORD University United States
20= CORNELL University United States
20= CARNEGIE MELLON University United States
22 University of California, BERKELEY United States
23 University of EDINBURGH United Kingdom
24 King's College LONDON United Kingdom
25 KYOTO University Japan
26 ?cole Normale Sup?rieure, PARIS France
27 University of MELBOURNE Australia
29 NORTHWESTERN University United States
30 University of MANCHESTER United Kingdom
31 The University of SYDNEY Australia
32 BROWN University United States
33= University of QUEENSLAND Australia
33= University of BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada
33= National University of SINGAPORE Singapore
36 PEKING University China
37 University of BRISTOL United Kingdom
38= University of MICHIGAN United States
38= The CHINESE University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
40 TSINGHUA University China
41 University of CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles (U... United States
42 ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of T... Switzerland
43 MONASH University Australia
44 University of NEW SOUTH WALES Australia
45 University of TORONTO Canada
46 OSAKA University Japan
47 BOSTON University United States
48 University of AMSTERDAM Netherlands
49 NEW YORK University (NYU) United States
50 The University of AUCKLAND New Zealand

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