tough as old boots
   Tom, Dick, and Harry
   to a great extent
   to and fro
   to boot
   to date
   to kick off with
   to no avail
   to one's heart's content
   to put it mildly
   to say nothing of
   to say the least
   to some extent
   to someone's liking
   to someone's way of thinking
   to the best of one's ability
   to the best of one's knowledge
   to the bitter end
   to the contrary
   to the core
   to the ends of the earth
   to the last
   to the letter
   to the nth degree
   to the tune of some amount of money
   To the victors belong the spoils.
   to whom it may concerns
   toe the line
   too big for one's boots
   too big for one's britches
   too close for comfort
   too good to be true
   too much of a good thing
   top something
   touch a sore point
   touch a sore spot
   tough act to follow
   tough furrow to plough
   Tough luck!
   tough row to hoe
   tower of strength
   to beat the band
   to die for
   to hell with that
   to the max
   toilet water
   tons of something
   tonsil paint
   tonsil varnish
   top banana
   top dog
   top story
   tornado juice
   tough cookie
   tough guy
   tough luck
   to blow a raspberry tart
   to do a bunk
   top bannana
   top drawer
   tortoise head
   toe dance
   together with
   toggle switch
   toilet bowl
   toilet brush
   toilet paper
   toilet powder
   toilet roll
   toilet soap
   toing and froing
   toll bridge
   toll call
   Tom Thumb
   tone color
   tongue and groove
   tongue twister
   tooth and nail
   tooth comb
   tooth powder
   top boot
   top brass
   top cat
   top hat
   top hit
   torpedo boat
   torpido boat
   Torrid Zone
   tour de force
   touring car
   tow car
   tow-away zone
   town clerk
   town house
   town planning
   to begin with


to [PREP] 件֧
Syn. toward; into; on; over; until
Related. ֧, ѧ, ֧, çѹѺ, ,
to [ADV] 件֧
Related. ֧, ѧ, ֧, çѹѺ, ,

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Top 50 Universities

Rank School Name Country
1 HARVARD University United States
2= YALE University United States
2= University of OXFORD United Kingdom
2= University of CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom
5 Imperial College LONDON United Kingdom
6 PRINCETON University United States
7= CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Calt... United States
7= University of CHICAGO United States
9 UCL (University College LONDON) United Kingdom
10 MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (M... United States
11 COLUMBIA University United States
12 MCGILL University Canada
13 DUKE University United States
14 University of PENNSYLVANIA United States
15 JOHNS HOPKINS University United States
16 AUSTRALIAN National University Australia
17 University of TOKYO Japan
18 University of HONG KONG Hong Kong
19 STANFORD University United States
20= CORNELL University United States
20= CARNEGIE MELLON University United States
22 University of California, BERKELEY United States
23 University of EDINBURGH United Kingdom
24 King's College LONDON United Kingdom
25 KYOTO University Japan
26 ?cole Normale Sup?rieure, PARIS France
27 University of MELBOURNE Australia
29 NORTHWESTERN University United States
30 University of MANCHESTER United Kingdom
31 The University of SYDNEY Australia
32 BROWN University United States
33= University of QUEENSLAND Australia
33= University of BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada
33= National University of SINGAPORE Singapore
36 PEKING University China
37 University of BRISTOL United Kingdom
38= University of MICHIGAN United States
38= The CHINESE University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
40 TSINGHUA University China
41 University of CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles (U... United States
42 ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of T... Switzerland
43 MONASH University Australia
44 University of NEW SOUTH WALES Australia
45 University of TORONTO Canada
46 OSAKA University Japan
47 BOSTON University United States
48 University of AMSTERDAM Netherlands
49 NEW YORK University (NYU) United States
50 The University of AUCKLAND New Zealand

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